The Last of Us

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Who will be the last of us?

Powered by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us is an impressive survival horror game, with doses of action and adventure for PlayStation game consoles.

The story of The Last of Us is one of the major claims of the game. It all starts when little Sarah, twelve years after congratulating her father for his birthday, is going to bed to sleep. Suddenly the phone rings and explosion sounds very close to home. Her father is not in his room, then blood staining appears after the attack from an infected neighbour. There’s only one thing left to do, take the car and get out of there somehow. Perhaps this argument reminds you of the series of The Walking Dead or games like The Road, but is shown to be addictive.

In The Last of Us you have a scenario in which the population has been decimated by a terrible plague, the few remaining survivors are killing each other for food and weapons, and at times you cannot trust anyone. Now you will have to choose whether you want to play the story mode, divided by chapters, and do everything possible to survive the plague or if you want to play with your friends through the game's multiplayer mode. Do not forget that your mission in the game is to survive, so you have to organize to find the resources to do so, whether food, water and weapons or ammunition.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier the game is available for PlayStation consoles only, but you can download this fantastic wallpaper of The Last of Us to decorate your computer, totally for free.


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